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Storage of Wheat Grains

storage of wheat grains blog

Storage of Wheat Grains

Wheat is a living organism, where it continuously respires, wheat is also one of the most sensitive grains. With the absence of good proper ventilation because air sometimes cannot pass through synthetically produced pp woven fabric the quality of the wheat grains cannot survive due to lack of good ventilation. This is why Hessian Jute Sacks are more suitable as Hessian is also a natural fibre fabric often gets used for storing Coffee grains for long haul transportation.

As Wheat grain continuously respires. The respiration process is slow at low moisture and temperatures but as the temperature and moisture raises the respiration also increases. The respiration process generates heat that is not quickly dissipated because Wheat is a poor conductor of heat. When Wheat is stored at high moisture and or temperature environment it respires rapidly. This process goes on and the Wheat gives off carbon dioxide and water vapors and itself loses weight.

In case of jute bags the bag absorbs the moisture, which is then dissipated into the environment. In case of pp woven bags it gets trapped inside the bag and therefore causes the wheat to cake. Since the process of respiration continues the wheat becomes mildew and is attacked by mould and fungus.

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