Large Red Soluble Strip Sack Size: 18x28x38" Inches (457 x 711 x 965 mm)

Product Code: SM/EWM

Product Description:

Large Red Soluble Strip Sack  Size: 18x29x38" Inches

LARGE Size: 18 x 28 x 39" Inches ( 457 x 711 x 965mm)

 Size Holds 15 kgs

Box Quantity: 200 Bags

Product Code: SM/RNR

Product Description:

Large Red Soluble (Solu) Strip Refuse Sacks are designed for Laundry use. the Stips are designed to desolve in Water that releases any contaminated waste into the Laundry Machine which prevents cross contamination in your workplace. Used commonly at Hospitals for segregating and other medical departments thus making your workplace a much safer environment and helps to eliminate the spread of Viruses and Bacteria at our place of work. Also used widely in Medical Centres, Private and NHS as well as Hotels and Vets and Medical Laundrette contractors. 

Approved by the NHS and other governmental Health Departments.

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