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Bulk Bags

FIBC Bulk Bags

FIBC is short for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container, or Bulk Bags, jumbo Sacks as it is popularly known today.

We supply FIBC 1 Tonne Builders Bag in various sizes including the popular 85x85x85cm or 90x90x90cm. The 1-tonne bag (also known as dumpy sacks) or the aggregate sacks/bags as it is often called in the building and construction trade can be also used as a mini skip bulk bag.  The four loops make transportation easier because a forklift or grab lorry can safely pick the sacks up. It can be also used as a mini garden skip bin.

The benefits of this bag are many, ranging from one person to handle the bag to easily transport used commonly Grab lorries. It can also eliminate the need for a pallet to transport because the bag will simply be hung from its very sturdy straps. Only one person is needed to put the loops on the forklift crane and you are good to go. Our Tonne bags are ISO approved. These bags are also great for holding granular products as well as sand rubble waste, ballast, stones, gravel at construction sites.

We can also supply Printed bags at extra cost. Bulk Bags are often left on construction sites, so if a want to get them in bulk and get them printed, they are a great source of cheap advertising.

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