500g Biodegradable Fruit and Veg Punnets, 14 x 9cm Size Trays

Product Code: 500BFP-50

Product Description:

500g Biodegradable Fruit and Veg Punnets, 14 x 9cm Size Trays

Tray Size: Punnet measures 14cm in length, 9cm in width and 5cm in height and holds approx 500g

Colour: Natural Grey

Introducing our biodegradable Fruit Punnets - the perfect solution for eco-friendly produce storage. With a capacity of 500 grams, these punnets are the ideal size for storing and transporting fruits and veg. Made entirely from sustainable and biodegradable materials, they're a great alternative to traditional plastic punnets, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they're also reusable. Once you're finished with them, simply empty them out and use them again and again. And when they've reached the end of their life cycle, toss them onto your compost heap, and watch them naturally biodegrade.

Our Fruit Punnets are the perfect addition to any kitchen, farm, or grocery store. They are suitable to hold 500 Grams, making them the perfect size for your favorite fruits and veg. Choose our Fruit Punnets and help us make a difference in the world, one biodegradable punnet at a time.

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