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Woven Polypropylene: The Future of Packaging

If you’re looking for bulk packaging material that has aesthetic appeal, can work across diverse industries and functions well, woven polypropylene bags are your best pick. Made from polypropylene, these packaging bags offer businesses a durable packaging solution at an affordable cost.

In very basic terms, polypropylene refers to a thermoplastic substance that is generated through a process known as propylene polymerisation. This process produces a heavy material that’s capable of withstanding heavy weights. To make the polypropylene fabric, the plastic film is extruded and drawn into filaments that are woven to make large sheets.

Different packaging products can be extracted from these sheets including woven bags, container bags and geotextile fabrics. Woven bags are increasingly becoming a standard packaging material across industry.

In fact, woven polypropylene is considered the future of packaging. Here’s why:

Ease Of Branding

When people think about your business, they’ll always have specific images in mind. This image should influence as well as shape their actions and decisions. It is the identity of a business commonly referred to as brand.

Whether you’re running a big or small business, you can’t overlook the need to brand your packaging. In very basic terms, branding refers to creation of an image that reflects or is synonymous to your business. It’s a way for prospects and customers to perceive and identify your business. For any business, creating a brand involves coming up with graphic elements that include colour schemes and logos.

Further, business branding also includes other subliminal aspects including the mission of a business, its model of doing business, and values. Businesses that brand themselves or their products well tend to attract and retain more customers than those that don’t. Customers are able to identify such businesses from competitors fast because they immediately associate a business’ brand, logo, or colours with reliability, quality and efficiency.

Woven polypropylene bags are easy to print and, therefore, enable businesses to build their brands. They can do this by inscribing their slogans, logos, names, and other graphic content that represent their brands. By doing so, businesses can represent their brands to their customers effectively and even create a positive brand identity in the minds of their clients.

High Durability

Every business that needs to package its products wants to get bulk bags that can carry heavy loads and transport or distribute them without having spillage challenges. Woven polypropylene bags are designed for durability – they’re particularly ideal when it comes to providing this kind of support.

This means businesses that opt to package their products in polypropylene-based woven bags can be assured that the bags won’t tear or rip off to expose their contents. Woven Polypropylene Bags (wpp) also come in a wide range of sizes. In fact, their production is so flexible that companies can customise any size they want based on their product and needs.

Unlike other packaging materials, woven polypropylene doesn’t wear out when stored for an extended period of time. This is largely because the material is extremely resistant to temperature changes, stress, organic solvents, electrolytic attacks, degreasing agents, as wells as most acids and alkali solutions.

Reasonable Pricing

Woven polypropylene will be the future of packaging because they’re highly affordable. Polypropylene materials are pretty easy to make. They can also be produced quickly and at a highly affordable cost.

This means that businesses that choose to use woven polypropylene materials to package their products don’t have to spend huge amounts of money. Instead, they can redirect funds to other critical aspects of their businesses like marketing. Better still, businesses that reduce packaging costs significantly are able to maximise their profits while guaranteeing proper branding of their products or services.

Highly Versatile

The other reason why woven polypropylene is the future of packaging is its high versatility in terms of quality and size. Businesses that have a preference for customised polypropylene bags can easily use this packaging method and explore the different options available to find something that suits their needs.

The versatility of woven polypropylene is clearly demonstrated by the fact that businesses can start by using standard woven polypropylene bulk bags. These are often flexible in terms of quantity and size – which allows businesses to place orders based on their needs. Also, the bags vary in size – which gives businesses a chance to decide on the quantities they want for varying sizes in bulk.

Woven polypropylene packaging versatility doesn’t end with just quantity and size. It also extends to colour. Businesses get a chance to select the colour of bags they want to have from the wide range available. This gives them a unique opportunity to brand their business or products appropriately. Since the bags are printable, businesses have a chance to pick their preferred printing options based on their design elements, their target audience, as well as the type of products they wish to package.

Environmentally Friendly

With environmental sustainability becoming a core global issue, materials that are environmental friendly in terms of their reuse and recycling capabilities will shape the future of packaging. Woven polypropylene bags pass the environmental sustainability test because they’re friendly to the environment and can be recycled multiple times.

Once they wear out, woven polypropylene bags can be melted and converted into new products. These inherent environmental benefits firmly secure the place of woven polypropylene bags in the future of packaging.

Final Thoughts

In any business, whether big or small, product packaging is a critical part of the production and marketing. To attract and retain customers, businesses must package and brand their products well. But selection of packaging materials isn’t as easy as it sounds. With calls to protect the environment growing by the day, businesses must consider environmental friendliness of the packaging materials they use.

Woven polypropylene proves to be an ideal packaging material both now and in the future. This is largely due to the numerous benefits it offers businesses in terms of cost reduction and versatility and the fact that it is an environmentally friendly option. This blog by courtesy of the Institute of Supply Chain Management



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