Large Size Yellow Clinical Waste Sack 18x29x39" Inches (457 x 737 x 990mm)

Product Code: SMYPS

Product Description:

Large Size Yellow Clinical Waste Sack 18x29x39" Inches (457 x 737 x 990mm)

Size: 18x29x39 " Inches ( 457x737x990mm )

Box Quantity: 200 Bags

Large Size Yellow Clinical Waste Sacks. 

Clinical Waste Bags for NHS Hospitals Tiger Stripe & Solu Bags Available in various colours and sizes and various Box Quantities. Colour Bags Help to ensure contents inside the bag can be segregated and separated for incineration often used by the NHS, Hospitals, Vets, and other medical and Hygiene places of work. 

UN Approved and Local Authorities (eg NHS) approved. Made from 100% traceable recycled raw material plastic resins.

All our Refuse Sacks are CHSA Accredited and made from 100% traceable recycled plastic giving you the highest quality without compromising quality. 

We stock our vast range of Colours to help you with making your waste segregation more effective and less time-consuming than using standard black refuse sacks. Ideal for industrial mostly Medical / NHS/ Healthcare Centre/ Cleaning uses.

Our Range of Refuse Sacks is made from high-quality polythene.,  They are suitable for both general industrial and general commercial and domestic use, The Low-density material gives our Sacks premium strength and puncture resistance,  We stock are a range available in large or XL Extra Large in black, clear or coloured polythene, Refuse and Compactor Saks are both ideals for sorting waste for recycling needs