Since our birth, we have imported and distributed high quality sacks to clients in the UK and across Europe which has led us to become one of the fastest bulk packaging wholesalers in the United Kingdom and as an importer/wholesaler we are able to offer quality sacks at rock bottom prices.
Sackman - About us

Sackman® is a brand of Poly Textiles Limited

Poly Textiles Limited is an family owned business and UK importer/wholesaler of FIBC's, Woven Polypropylene and Hessian Packaging, and is a leading U.K & EU supplier of industrial bulk packaging products.

We source our products from ISO certified manufacturers to ensure all our products meet the best quality accommodating Industrial packaging markets in the UK and EU. Sackman®  WPP Sacks, FIBC 1 Tonne Sacks are manufactured to comply with FIBC EN ISO 21898 standards.

We also supply a vast range of high quality bespoke Woven Polypropylene (wpp) packaging solutions to a wide range of industries. These industries range from Construction, Agricultural, Clothing, Textile, Recycling and Building & DIY Trades, Bulk Packaging, Storage and Transportation, Logistics as well as for produce such as Dried Fruit, Crop, Food, Wheat, Powders, Granules, Animal feed, Pet food, Hay and Chemicals to name a few. Our aim is to satisfy our customers with our products. It is this commitment that has helped us progress and will help us further in the future. We aim to provide you with the best products and services.
Poly Textiles Ltd