Compactor Sacks / Refuse

Compactor Sacks Refuse
HPDE Refuse / Compactor Sacks


SACKMANĀ® COMPACTORĀ Sacks for commercial use are available in bothĀ Black and ClearĀ meeting industry CHSA Standards for Re-Cycled Polythene Material.

Made from HPDE recycled content. Compactor sacks is often known as Large Heavy Duty Compostable Bags that are made from resin pellets that in most cases have been recycled On-Site from our U.K approved Polythene Manufacturers.Ā This ensures Sacks are always consistent in quality with our range of Compactor Sacks.

SACKMANĀ® Compactor Sacks are all CHSA accredited. The cartons carry the CHSA accreditation marking showing the weight classification. For more details on the accreditation scheme visit our CHSAĀ Accreditation Scheme page.Ā 

Compactor Sacks from SACKMANĀ®Ā  are used in all areas of business industries and retailing, Local Authorities, Hospitals and minimizing space required for waste products andĀ for outdoor waste bins and outside collection of Waste/Litter where a Stronger Bag and Larger Sacks are required.Ā 

SACKMANĀ® UK Importer and Distributor of Flexible Bulk Packaging Products

Here we at Poly Textiles Ltd we proud our SACKMANĀ® products meet the very best in quality and price our products at affordable prices and you don't have to spend too much and that's what our customers tell us. You can buy as little or as much as you like!

As an importer and a leading UK distributor, we store and hold a vast range of stock.

We also have massive buying power from our approved U.K factories and distributorsĀ enabling our customersĀ to save enormous costs for their packaging needs, so if you're a Reseller of Bags/ A Trade or Retail Outlet or a Commercial and Domestic DIY Customers you can be certain you have come to the right place.Ā 

We are proud to say all our Polythene basedĀ such as Refuse Sacks / Compactor are now meet CHSA Approved giving you peace of mind that our products are environmentally friendly.Ā That's why we guarantee the quality of our products without compromising you your packagingĀ requirements.Ā 

Clear Refuse Sacks 18"x 25" x 39" Inches, 200 per Box Quantity:Ā 200 Bags per box Size: 18 x 29 x ...
From Ā£22.99 Ā£35.99
QTY 100 Compactor Sacks, Size 20 x 34 x 46" Inches Holds upto 15kgs Made in the U.K from Recycled...
Ā£24.99 Ā£40.00
QTY 100 Compactor Sacks, Size 20 x 34 x 46" Inches holds upto 20kgs Made in the U.K from Recycled...
From Ā£25.99 Ā£44.99
QTY 100 Clear Compactor Sacks, Size : 20 x 34 x 46" Inches, Holds upto 15kgs Made in the U.K from...
Ā£21.99 Ā£32.00
QTY 100 Clear Compactor Sacks Size 20 x 34 x 46" Inches upto 20kgs Made in the U.K from Recycled ...
From Ā£25.99 Ā£44.99
Large Red Soluble Strip SackĀ  Size: 18x29x38" Inches LARGE Size:Ā 18 x 28 x 39" Inches (Ā 457 x 711...
Ā£29.99 Ā£43.99
Large Yellow Clinical Waste Sacks 18x29x38" Inches Size:Ā 18x29x39 " Inches (Ā 457x737x990mm ) Hold...
Ā£29.99 Ā£39.99
QTY 200 Large Yellow Tiger Striped Refuse Sack 18" x 29" x 38" Inches Size: 18" x 29" x 38" Inche...
Wheelie Bin Liners 28 x 44 x 62" Inches Black 100 Per Box Size: 28" x 44" 62" Inches Colour: Blac...
From Ā£42.99 Ā£49.99
Mega size Multi-Purpose Woven Polypropylene Botany Box Size Large Bag Size: 76 x 76 x 137 cm Colo...
From Ā£51.99 Ā£89.99

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