Extra Large Red Leno Poly Mesh Net Log Bags 52 x 85 cm (20" x 33" Inches)

Product Code: 5285NETR-50

Product Description:

Extra Large Red Leno Poly Mesh Net Log Bags 52 x 85 cm (20" x 33" Inches)

Open weave and made from Polymesh, Knitted Braided PP

Extra Large Size: 52 x 85 cm (20 x 33" Inches)

Colour: Red

Convenient draw-tape for easy closure. Log Net Sacks, Onion Sacks are Knitted Braided helps to make the Sack breathable. Open Poly Mesh weave and made from Woven PolyPropylene Poly-mesh. Made from Polypropylene, Reusable Leno Mesh Weave Bag

Suitable for Firewood, Firelogs, Potatoes, Onions, other crops, and many other uses.


  • Safe and hygienic packaging for horticultural products, consumables and perishables.
  • They are super lightweight reusable and durable.
  • Monofilament Leno Mesh
  • Due to it's weaving pattern, they have excellent breathability for the products stored inside.
  • Does not impart an odor to packed fruits and vegetables.
  • Resistant to moisture.
  • No fungal growth, either on the bag or in the packed contents.
  • Prevents sweating/rotting of agricultural produce.
  • Negligible wastage and spillage of fruits and vegetables.
  • Excellent resistance to impact and handling abuses.
  • Provide easy visual inspection of packed content.
  • Power saving for cold storage owners.

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