Large Bubble Wrap on a Roll 500mm x 100m / Roll

Product Code: LSBWR500x100-5

Product Description:

Large Bubble Wrap on a Roll 500mm x 100m / Roll (Metres)

Large Size: 500mm Wide  x 100m (Metres long)

Colour: Clear


Large Bubble Wrap Bubble wrap on a Roll 500mm x 100m / Roll is suitable for various packaging needs. Or transporting goods/items from one destination to another. 300mm x 100mm helps to Ensure and Prevents damage to protected goods. 

Bubble Wrap on a Roll tubing is a very convenient & economical packaging option and perfect solution for high volume repeated size or uniform-sized products.

Our Bubble Wrap is supplied on tubing rolls, flat, and as an end-less tube which can be easily sealed at your convenience.

Made in the UK from quality Polythene.