Mega Size WPP Baling Botany Bag 76 x 76 x 137cm

Product Code: WPPBB-10

Product Description:

Mega Size WPP Baling Botany Bag 76 x 76 x 137cm

Size: 76cm Wide x 76cm Wide x 137cm High

Colour: White


Made from Lightweight breathable yet strong Woven Polypropylene fabric with Lid. Tear Resistant and Rot Proof. 76 x 76 x 137 cm (W x D x H) rectangle box shape.

Ideal for packing clothes and textiles. Can hold up to 350+ kg of clothing or textiles. The lid can be stitched to ensure contents are secured inside.

These box-size bags are an ideal alternative to using Baling strapping machines and making them perfect for loading Vans, Pallet Trucks, and Shipping Container as the Box Bags can be stacked thus reducing any gaps and voids.

Also known as Bale Sacks, Baling Bags, Botany Large Bags, and Storage Bag, and can be used for various other uses, such as Hay storage, Grass clipping bag, and Fruit and Veg Multi-use bags.

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