Clear Laundry /Cargo / Storage/ Washing Woven Bags, Extra Large Size: 71 cm x 142 cm (Inches 29" x 56") suitable for 30 kg+ of Textiles

Brand: Sackman™
Product Code: 71142CWPP-100

Product Description:

Clear Clothing Textiles / Storage/ Washing Woven Bags, Laundry /Cargo Extra Large Size: 71 cm x 142 cm (Inches 29" x 56") suitable for 35 kg+ of Textiles

Laundry Bags Clothes Shoe Garments Bags 50 Pack

Multi-Purpose See-through Sacks
Clear Virgin Quality PP (Polypropylene) Woven Sacks: 10 x 10 Mesh Count (thickness) 

71cm Wide x 142 cm Long  XL

Colour: Clear  (Transparent Woven Fabric)

Woven Mesh Count: 10 x 10, Rot Proof and UV resistant. 

Single Folded at Bottom with Stitched for extra heavy-duty strength,

Hemmed top so the bag will not fray easily and will ensure durability making it perfect for Industrial uses eg, Suitable for Hotel, Schools, Cash 4 Clothes businesses etc,  

Transparent Clear Woven PP Polypropylene fabric is durable and reusable. Clear Woven Sacks have been used mainly in the textile garments, clothing, and recycling trades as well as used for Textile Baling. The bag can hold 30 kg+ of textiles. 

Typically used for Laundry Bags in the Hotelier Industry and suitable for storing Towels, Bed Sheets, Curtains, or general cleaning bags for hotels, prisons, nursing homes, charity food banks, security cargo bags, and airport removals bags, site office, warehouse cleaning,  home removal packaging, shoe bags, clothes bag for aid transportation, general multi-purpose office, household products,  costume dressing, textiles sack, postal parcel courier bags. 

Available in various quantities. Please contact us if you have any questions:

Note White colour bags in the size also available from our online store.  

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