Transparent Waste Bag

Brand: Sackman™
Product Code: 71142WPP

Product Description:

Clear Transparent Woven Polypropylene Sacks / Shoe Bags

Multi Purpose See through Sacks
Clear Virgin Quality PP (Polypropylene) Woven Sacks: 10x10 Mesh Count (thickness) 

71cm Wide x 142 cm Long  XL

Colour: Clear  (Transparent Woven Fabric)

10x10 Mesh Count, Rot Proof

Single Folded at Bottom with Stitch for extra Strength, Hemmed Top

Transparent Clear Woven PP Polypropylene  Sacks are durable and reusable. Clear Woven Sacks are used mainly in the textile clothing and recycling trades as well as  parcel companies.

Also ideal for Site Clearance, Home Removal, Shoe Bags, Events, Festivals, Clothes Sacks for Aid Transportation, General Building Waste, Sand, Fruit & Veg, ~Textiles Sack, and Many other uses.

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