Nylon Cable Ties 4.8mm x 200mm

Brand: Sackman™
Product Code: SMBCT25-5000

Product Description:

Nylon Cable Ties 4.8mm x 200mm

Colour: Black

Size: 4.8mm Wide x 200mm Length 

Qty per pack: 1,000 pcs


Our cable ties are self Locking and have a higher resistance to Cold and Hotter Temperatures working temperatures from – 40° to 85° Celsius making them perfect for both Indoor or Outdoor uses for an application from Packaging, Fastening and Sealing of Products and various industrial applications. 

Nylon Cable Ties also known as Zip Ties are manufactured to meet NYLON 66 standards and are suitable Heavy-Duty uses. Cable Ties are UL approved and meet the requirements of BS EN 6227:2009 / UL1565.

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