Clear Compactor Sacks, Size : 20 x 34 x 46" Inches Multi Purpose, Box/Qty 100, Holds upto 15kgs

Brand: Sackman
Product Code: SMPCCS/1

Product Description:

Clear Large Compactor Sacks (holding weight 15kgs)

Made in the U.K from Recycled High-Quality Plastic. CHSA Approved.

Size: Extra Large: 20 x 36 x 46" Inches )

Colour: Clear / Transparent

Code: PCCS/1

QTY: 100 Bags Per Box

Made from high quality recycled plastic & CHSA Approved

Product Description:

Our Compactor Sacks are ideal for various industrial uses. Packed flat in it allows convenient access when needed and perfect for a tidy place of storage. 

Large Size 20 x 34 x 46" Inches making this bag ideal bin liners for Office, Kitchen,  Cleaning Workshops Tool-stations, Garden Centre, Street Cleaning including Festivals, and many other industrial and domestic uses by cleaning contractor.

Our SACKMAN® Compactor Sacks / Bags are made of thicker plastic recycled resins and are designed to withstand more demanding applications of construction, industrial, contract cleaning, commercial, domestic and contractors trade waste disposal and site clearance. Used often by Local Authorities, governmental departments.

Compactor Sacks perfect for a variety of industrial uses from typically holding weight Medium of 15 Kgs.

Bags have a leak-resistant base that prevents the bags from leakages and prevents Splitting open from heavy loads or sharper objects. 

The bags generally are known as a G.N.F.R product (Goods Not for Resale) so often similar bags are sold in Supermarkets, local DIY Tool Stores and Trades outlets suppliers in much smaller quantities but are much thinner and rip easily so not fit for purpose for Industrial use. These Heavy Duty Compactor Sacks are manufactured especially for Industrial Waste usage. 

Made in the U.K from Recycled High-Quality Plastic. CHSA Approved. 

Please note: Colour may vary in contrast slightly

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