Adult Size Sack Race Sacks Extra Large 71 x 142 cm for Adult Size for Birthdays, Parties, Hen & Weddings

Brand: Sackman™
Type: Seasonal
Product Code: ASR20XL

Product Description:

Adult Sack Race Sacks - Plain White Woven PP Sacks

EXTRA LARGE Size: 71 x 142 cm ( Suitable for Adults )

Colour: White

High Burst Strength durable and are also Reusable. 

Perfect for just about any Adult Party for Sack Racing sacks activities with your friends guests on Birthdays, Hen Nights, Stag Do's and Weddings to relive your childhood!

Sacks are manufactured from a strong Woven Polypropylene which makes them very resistant to tearing and ideal for sack races. 

They have are bottom folded and double stitched base and a hemmed opening making the bags perfect for Sack Races due to their High Burst Strength.

Suitable Adults due to their larger Extra wide and length size.


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