QTY 100 Heavy Duty Black Rubble Sacks, 20"x 30" Inches

Brand: Sackman™
Type: Seasonal
Product Code: LRS100

Product Description:

Pack Quantity: 100 Rubble Bags per box

Strong Polythene Heavy Duty Large Rubble Bags / Builders Sacks

Size: 20" x  30" Inches

Colour: Black

Polyethene 400 Gauge (thickness) 100 Microns Mu. Open Top, Heat Cut Seal Bottom.

Large Size 20" x 30" Inches Extra Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks are ideal for the DIY, Roofing Construction & Building/Gardening Trades. Used for Soil, Bricks, Stones, Sand, Rubble, Rocks, Tiles, General Building Waste, DIY Rubbish, Wood, Garden waste, Scrap and many other uses. Re-usable depending on use.

Also supplied in packs in various pack quantities.

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