Small Bubble Wrap on a Roll 500mm x 100m / Roll

Product Code: SBW300x100-1

Product Description:

SmallĀ Bubble Wrap on a Roll 300mm x 100m Metres / Roll

Size:Ā 300mm Wide x 100m Metres / Roll

Colour: Clear


Small Size:Ā 300mm Wide x 100m metres /roll.Ā  Long for heavier items, LargeĀ Bubble Wrap helps and is suitable forĀ bigger or heavier items for various packaging needs from Storing to Storage Transporting. Large Bubble Wrap offers excellent protection to transporting goods/items from one destination to another. Ensure and Prevents damage to protected goods such as household items, online businesses to name a few.

Bubble Wrap on a Roll tubing is a very convenient & economical packaging option and perfect solution for high volume repeated size or uniform-sized products.

Our Bubble Wrap is supplied on tubing rolls, flat, and as an end-less tube which can be easily sealed at your convenience.

Made in the UK, from High-Quality Polythene.