Metal Recycling Bags

Product Code: WS60100 100

Product Description:

Metal Recycling Bags

Made from Woven Polypropylene Sacks 60 cm x 100 cm (23" x 39" Inches))

Size: 60cm x 100cm  (Large (23" x 40" Inches)

Colour: White 

WPP Mesh Count : 10x10 per square inch.

10x10 Mesh Count, Rot Proof, UV Resistant

Re-Suable and Tear-resistant WPP Bags are the perfect sizes for removal of most everyday goods and requirements such as .Metal waste and removal of aggregates, Logs, Sand, Books, Office storage, and so much more. Made single Fold Bottom Double Stitch, Top Hemmed for extra strength making this size bag perfect for most requirements.  

Multi-Purpose and Reusable Rubble Sacks used in the Construction & Building, Roofing, Gardening Agricultural Trades. Ideal for Rubble Clearance, Ballast, Rock, Sand, Tiles, Glass, Metal, Sandbags, Storage Bags, Packaging, Food Crop Bags, and many other uses.

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