Biodegrade Empty Hessian Sand Bags

Product Code: 3376HSBT20

Product Description:

Hessian Sandbags with Tie-strings

Size: 33 cm x 76 cmĀ 

Colour: Natural Hessian Brown Rustic

Fabric: Natural Hessian Jute

Bio-degradable and environmentally friendly


Hessian Sandbags are Ideal for flood defence water barrier, can be used to form temporary reefs, home and commercial Geo-textiles uses, Landscaping, Highway maintenance weight barrier for signs. Hessian sacks are natural light brown colour and Bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.

Supplied empty for Sandbag use. Ready to use, multi-purpose,Ā Hessian SandbagsĀ are excellent for use in flooded areas and are strong enough for temporary wall, raised bank, trench and levee construction. Strong and made fromĀ Natural Hessian Jute fabric, these bags can be filled with sand sourced on-site. Colour of hessian may vary slightly from the photo on our website.Ā 

HessianĀ Sandbags are Bio-Degradable making then environmentally friendly option than WPP Sacks. Sandbags also have a Hessian Tie string mouth to hold the sand securely inside.

OurĀ Hessian Sand Bags are perfect for:

  • Flood control and protection
  • Reinforcing existing dyke structures
  • Erosion control
  • Fishponds / Landscaping
  • Levee construction
  • Providing extra weight for traffic/ road signs

We hold massive amounts of stock in our warehouse, all year round which can be delivered within 24 hours to accommodate emergency orders.

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