Grey Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks 520 Gauge, LDPE, Size:. 22" x 34 Inches

Brand: Sackman™
Product Code: GRS2234-100

Product Description:

Grey Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks 520 Gauge, LDPE, Size:. 22" x 34 Inches

(Super Strength & Heavy Duty Rubble Bags / Builders Sacks)

(100pcs per pack/box)

Size: 22" x 34" Inches, 559mm x 913mm (XL)

Colour: Grey

Type: Heavy Duty Rubble Bags, LPDE 

Super Strength: 520 Gauge (thickness) 130 Microns Mu. 


Grey Sacks Heavy Duty are useful to identify and see the most heavier items of waste cleaning and clearance for both Industrial and Domestic Use.

Grey Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks are ideal is you require a much thicker and stronger bag ideally used for Commercial industries such as Roofing Construction & Building/Gardening Trades. Used for Soil, Bricks, Stones, Coal, Topsoil, Ballast, Sand, Rubble, Rocks, Hardcore., Patio Paving Slabs Crealance, DIY and Industrial Garden Waste Clearance, Grow Bags, Recycling, Packaging Goods and many other uses.

Supplied in packs in various packs/100 quantities.

All our photos are taken by our In-House marking team, please beware: Colour of the bags may vary slightly from the photos shown. We try and keep them as accurate as possible.  Other colours are also available. 

Made from Strong HDPE Polythene and mandated Polythene Strong Rubble Bags,

Made in the United Kingdom 

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