Large Clear Heavy Duty Rubble Bags, 400 Gauge 100Mu 22" x 32" Inches

Brand: Sackman™
Product Code: CRS2232-100

Product Description:

Large Clear Heavy Duty Rubble Bags, 400Gauge 100Mu 22" x 32" Inches

Size: 22" x 32" Inches, 559mm x 913mm

Colour: Clear Polythene (Builders Bag)

Type: Heavy Duty Rubble Bags 

400 Gauge (thickness) 100 Microns Mu. 


Clear Sacks are useful to identify and see the inside contents of the bag. Made from strong HDPE.

Clear Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks are ideal for the Roofing Construction & Building/Gardening Trades. Used for Soil, Bricks, Stones, Sand, Rubble, Rocks, Garden Waste Clearance, Grow Bags, Recycling, Packaging Goods, and many other uses.

Supplied in packs in various pack quantities.

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