Black Wheelie Bin Liners 28 x 44 x 62" Inches

Brand: Sackman™
Product Code: SMWCLEARLB-5

Product Description:

Wheelie Bin Liners 28 x 44 x 62" Inches Black 100 Per Box

Size: 28" x 44" 62" Inches

Colour: Black

Suitable for Wheelie Refuse Bin Liners for both Domestic and Commercial Use and general DIY Wast clean up. 

120 Gauge Strength gives you durability and is resistant to the bags from ripping. 

Black Wheelie Bin Liners are suitable for a variety of job and commonly used by many local authorities, parks, town centres, landfill and health care homes and medical centres for clean up of disposal waste.

Supplied in Box Quantity of 100 Bags Per Box

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