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If you’re looking for bulk packaging material that has aesthetic appeal, can work across diverse industries and functions well, woven polypropylene bags are your best pick. Made from polypropylene, these packaging bags offer businesses a durable packaging solution at an affordable cost.

In very basic terms, polypropylene refers to a thermoplastic substance that is generated through a process known as propylene polymerisation. This process produces produces a heavy material that’s capable of withstanding heavy weights.

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User Guide to FIBC Bulk Bags

A Quick User & Glossary to Bulk Bags

FIBCs Bulk Bags offer many advantages, mostly their affordability, versatility, durability and ease of use. One other notable huge advantage is their ability to be easily moved, picked up by grab lorries, forklift trucks and easily loaded onto transport lorries for shipping by Hauliers, Vans and Tipper Trucks etc. They can be stacked (depending on contents and wrapped easily and perfect to be used  on pallets, this is one of the reasons they have risen to high popularity over recent years for such a wide variety of  Industrial and DIY applications when transporting and shipping.

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CHSA Approved

CHSA Plastic Refuse Sacks Certification Scheme


SACKMAN® products are EUCERTPLAST Certified and adherent to the CHSA scheme so you can be confident our products are recycled and manufactured in the highest quality meeting the highest standard of approval. 

Certification mainly focuses on material traceability in the supply chain and throughout recycling process, assessment of conformity and recycled content in the end product of recycled plastic packaging.  


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