Clear Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks 18"x 25" x 39" Inches

Brand: Sackman®
Product Code: DVP/2

Product Description:

Clear Strong Refuse Bin Liner Sacks 18"x  25" x 39"

Quantity: 200 Bags per box

Size: 18 x 29 x 38" Inches ( 457 x 725 x 975 mm) 

Colour: Clear Transparent Refuse Sacks

Code: DVP/2

These Clear High-Density Refuse Sacks are suitable for multi-purpose uses. Ideal for confidential paper waste bags. Transparent Clear Sacks are perfect if you need to make content visible. 

Medium Duty Suitable for items holds up to 10kg approx therefore suitable for everyday office, cleaning, and DIY use. 

Bags are made to CHSA accredited and are Heavy Duty Clear refuse sacks hold which typically hold up to 10kg of rubbish. and suitable for commercial and domestic use. Constructed of high-density polythene and do not collapse, stretch or tear easily.

200 Refuse Sacks supplied pack packed in a cardboard Box.

Made in the UK from Recycled Plastic to the highest quality meeting EUCERTPLAST  approval. CHSA Cert Approved. 

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