Grip Seal Bags

Grip Seal Bags
Grip Seal Bags

Grip Seal Bags

Manufactured from tear-resistant 45 Mu-micron 180 Guage low-density polythene which is also approved for food use and medical.

Bags have No hanging holes. 

We supply a wide range of clear plain transparent grip seal bags that prevent the build-up of dust and stops the build-up of surplus moisture. Grips Seal Bags help to keep the contents inside sealed shut inside the bag and keep contents inside intact, Bags are used in a variety of environments from Kitchen to Office/Industrial and many other sectors.

These polythene bags are manufactured from grade A Virgin, low density and high-clarity polythene film.

The Grip sealed helps to keep contents inside firmly closed shut and are tear-resistant and reusable.

SACKMAN® stocks a wide range of Plain Grip Seal Bags in various sizes.
2.25\" x 2.25 \" Inches
2.35\" x 3.00\" Inches
3.00\" x 3.25\" Inches
4.0\" x 5.5\" Inches
4.5\" x 4.5\" Inches
5.00\" x 7.5\" Inches
6.00\" x 9\" Inches
7.50.\" x 7.5\" Inches
8.00\" x 11.00\" Inches
9.00\" x 12.75\" inches
10.00\" x 14.00\" inches
11.00\" x 16.00\" Inches
12.25\" x 12.25\" Inches
13.00\" x 18.00\" Inches
15.00\" x 20.00\" Inches
Packed Quantity: 1,000 Bags /Pack

Plain Unbranded Grip, Seal Polythene Bags supplied inboxes.

Please note: Size is given as Internal dimensions opening Width x Height.


Plain Grip Seal Bags Transparent Size: 2.25 x 3.00" Inches Sold in Pack Quantities: 1,000 pack / ...
From £28.99 £29.99
Plain Grip Seal Bags Transparent Size: 57 x 57mm, (2.25 x 2.25" Inches) Sold in Pack Quantities: ...
From £16.99 £17.99

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