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The Alternative Packaging Solution: FIBC Bulk Bags

1 Tonne Bulk Bag by Sackman

FIBC Bulk Bags: The alternative packaging solution

Bulk Bags can be used to package products that are dry flowable powders, granules, and wood, gravel, rocks, sand.  Recently they have also been put into use for bulkier non-flowing products like rebar shapes and moulded plastic parts.  You can find Bulk Bags in the following industries: chemicals, mining, plastics, resins, steel and powders.

Why Use FIBC Bulk Bags?

The traditional packaging for many of the products that are now packaged in Bulk Bags has been corrugated cartons. Many of these cartons are anywhere from double walled to tripled walled or more. They are bulky, heavy, and expensive. Bulk Bags / Jumbo Bags are a durable, lightweight alternative to corrugated. They are easily handled, fold down easily and compact after discharging, and are 100% re-cyclable. Easy handling means better ergonomics which can translate into fewer back strains that can be caused by handling heavy, bulky corrugated cartons.

  • Jumbo Bags / Bulk Bags typically will save producers 50% or more for their packaging cost when compared to corrugated.
  • Bulk Bags are designed specifically for your particular applications. You get exactly what you need instead of taking standard corrugated sizes that cost you more. Your customers who run batch processes will love being able to get exactly the right quantity they need in an easy to use package; and one that requires very little labour to use.
  • Bulk Bags are also replacing small 25 and 50 kilo sacks. 1,000-2000 kgs FIBC will hold the contents of eighty 25 kilo sacks. That translates to labour savings, packaging savings, and less risk of injury from repetitive handling of so many small bags to do the same job of one bulk bag.

What is Bulk Bags?

  • Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) are widely used for storage, transportation and handling of powder, flake or granular material.
  • FIBC is the most popular form of bulk goods packaging bags in the market.
  • FIBC are commonly known as Big Bags, Jumbo Bags, Bulk Bags, Ton Bags, Bulk Container Bags, PP Container Bag, and Cement Bag, which are used for transporting various types of industrial materials. FIBC bulk bag can carry up to 1000 times its own weight.

Why Choose Bulk Bags?

  • Can be handled, transported and stored without pallets due to integrated lifting loops.
  • When empty they are lightweight and can fold flat to take up a fraction of the space required for other industrial packages.

Why Use Bulk Bags?

  • FIBC bulk jumbo bags are simple to use and are cost-effective with available in a variety of dimensions.
  • FIBC jumbo bags are very safe to use and adapt well to many scenarios.

Because of the cubed shape of FIBC jumbo bags, space is maximized thus reducing freight and handling costs and better-utilizing warehouse space. The discharge spouts on FIBC bags can be utilized to control the flow of product leaving the bag.

Who use Bulk Bags?
  • Food Industry - Sugar, Salt, Flour, Dextrose, Starch, Food Additives.
  • Chemical Industry.
  • Construction Industry-Crushed Stone, Sand, Gravel, Cement Industry.
  • Agricultural Industry - Seed, Grain, Corn, Dry Root Crop, Seeds, Nuts, Potatoes and Fruit
  • Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Engineering Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Waste Management & Recycling Industry
  • Plastics Industry - Absorbent Polymer, Resin, Pellets
  • Textiles, Garment Industry
  • Transportation / Freight / Hauliers and the Logistics Industries


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