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Perfect for contract packaging and heavy-duty and long lasting tape gun making it suitable for Contract Packaging. This tape dispenser is suitable for tape sizes: 50mm and 76mm Cores with its dual-core adapter for use with other OEM packing tapes such as 3M, Duct / Gaffer tape. 

Made from Metal and a strong plastic refill handle. This Hand dispenser made by BIG TAPE® also comes with a dual-core adapter so rest assured they will also work with Brands with Standards Refill Tape sizes: 76mm diameter cores ( 48mm x 66m rolls ) as well as 50mm core ( 48mm x 150m)

BIG TAPE® Hand Dispenser is robust, easy to use and set up with ease with refills, and also has a retractable blade making this Tape Dispenser from BIG TAPE an excellent high-quality product and one of the best Tape Dispensers available on the market for your packaging needs due to its simplicity, versatility, durability and suitable for Heavy Duty repetitive packaging use.

Features include an adjustable braking mechanism which makes this tape very convenient to use for your packaging of boxes/parcels with its ergonomic pistol comfort fit grip handle that helps to reduce blisters, rashes. Safe, retractable blade. Complete with a warning label.

Perfect for contract packaging and heavy-duty use. Each Hand dispenser comes Boxed and with a FREE 48mm x 66m BIGTAPE® Branded Parcel Tape Boxed Kit to get you started) 

Barcode: 5055586130547


Big Tape® Hand Dispenser Gun 015 - 0200 Starter Kit Starter Kit includes: (Hand Dispenser, One F...
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