Woven Polypropylene Sacks

pp woven rubble sacks on site

Woven Polypropylene (WPP) Sacks 

Woven polypropylene sacks are made from the best woven yarn material which is also UV resistant. These sacks are thus safe from premature weathering and sunlight. We have the facility to supply a wide range woven pp sacks for various dimensions and colours to suit your needs.

Woven Sacks are generally for rubble, waste, garden composting, charity clothing bags, shoe bags, sack races, storing, coal, wood and animal feed amongst many other uses. The dimensions vary from need to need and you can order batches ranging from fifty to a hundred or a thousand even. This is what we mean when we say that our products are not for just one type of user, in fact they are for users ranging from smaller household one to large industrial requirements.

Larger sacks are 80cms x 150cms and smaller bags are 20cms x 30cms in their measurements. We can supply in packs of three, twenty, fifty, hundred and two hundred and bale quantities in 1000's

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  • Rochelle Barr says...

    These bags for storing my animal feed. Worked out great. Strong, and just the right size. I’ve tried a number of different storage methods but this seems to work the best for me

    On June 28, 2016

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